Learn from one of Australia’s founding Wing Chun Kung Fu schools.

Operating since 1974, Barry Pang Kung Fu brings direct training from Southern China and Hong Kong to Melbourne.

Become a Club Member (free) to be eligible for classes

Our affiliated Box Hill Class offers term-based lessons at a family-friendly time on Sundays. They are tailored toward having fun whilst gaining health and self-improvement benefits. Term 3 starts on Sunday 21 July and runs to 15 September (Sunday 4pm, 90 minutes).

Registered students can also attend casual-rate Kung Fu classes at our main Dandenong centre, including the Main Class on Wednesday nights with Barry Pang and the Women’s Class on Thursday mornings with Anne Pang.

What you will learn

You will earn coloured sashes as you learn techniques and forms from Wing Chun and Lung Ying. It is a gradual process that eventually includes several types of partner exercises including Wing Chun’s Chi Sao and Tai Chi’s Tui Sao (push hands). You will also gain sparring experience at the higher levels, through safely-managed exercises and drills.

Top benefits for all age groups
  • Confidence and self-discipline – Build confidence, learn about respect, safety and self-awareness
  • Health and fitness – Give your mind a rest and improve your body
  • Self defence – Learn highly practical skills designed to be simple and effective.

Fees and enrolment

Cost is $15 per class when purchasing a Term Pack. In addition the uniform is around $100 and there are modest grading fees associated with earning each coloured sash.

Try it out and find out more

Beginners can commerce learning in casual sporting attire (for a lesson or two) before becoming uniformed Club Members, embarking on a journey to learn our full kung fu system, earning coloured sashes as the learning progresses.

Location and contacts


Box Hill Community Arts Centre
470 Station Street, Box Hill
(Venue parking on Combarton Street)

Room: The Arbour Hall

Contact us via email

Coaching team

Rodney and Tina have extensive martial arts experience and also live with their families in and around the Box Hill area.

Rodney Zandbergs is an accredited instructor with Martial Arts Australia, who began his training in 1991. He has been on tour with Sifu Barry Pang to Southern China and Hong Kong and is passionate about maintaining the knowledge passed down through multiple generations and helping students reach their full potential. Full bio >

Tina Hargitay is an accredited instructor with Martial Arts Australia, who began her training in 1997.

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