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Made famous by Bruce Lee, Wing Chun Kung Fu is a close-range fighting art that seeks to control and attack directly with incredible speed.

Wong Soong Leung with Barry Pang
Training with Wong Shun Leung, early ’70s

Wing Chun is our core style. It is noted for its speed and economy of movement, and also for not relying on brute physical strength to develop power. In a short space of time students can obtain some practical self-defence skills. Mastery, however, takes time. Grandmaster Ip Man is known to have spent years just working on a single technique.

It is Wong Shun Leung’s teaching that Barry has brought to BPKF, since his Hong Kong training in the 1970’s. Read more about this phase of our kung fu development in Our History Part 1.

Wing Chun History

According to legend, Wing Chun was invented by Ng Mui for fast adoption and optimal efficiency. It passed down through the generations to the modern grandmaster, Ip Man (1893-1972). He had several notable students in Hong Kong, including some that developed their reputations in full contact challenge matches, in particular Wong Shun Leung, William Cheung and Bruce Lee.

Greet what arrives,
escort what leaves and
rush upon loss of contact

  • Ip Man

Wing Chun in popular culture

Wing Chun was made famous in the West by Bruce Lee films in the 1970’s. What followed was the opening up of schools outside Hong Kong for the first time and eventually the broad branching of the style across the world, in line with each teacher’s translation of the techniques. In more recent times the Ip Man films, starring Donnie Yen, have renewed awareness.

Wing Chun community

We are grateful for the opportunities we have had over the years to engage with and learn from Wing Chun masters around the world. Their perspectives on the art have been invaluable.

Image gallery
Top row: Anne Pang & Ip Chun; Wu Hua Tai & Tsui Sheung Tin, Hong Kong 1994.
Bottom row: Leung Ting; Lo Man Kam, Taiwan 1997; William Cheung & Temple Abbot, Shaolin Temple 2013.

Barry with Wing Chun legends

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