Founder & Chief Instructor
Brief info

One of the pioneers of kung fu in Australia, Barry opened his school in 1974, going on to produce many state and national Kung Fu champions, including Anne Pang (Blitz Hall of Fame Award for Female Self Defence Instruction) and Scott Peterson (Australian Kung Fu Champion 1995).

Early days

Barry’s interest and dedication to martial arts training began at an early age. As soon as able, he travelled to Hong Kong to learn Wing Chun from notable student of Ip Man, Wong Shun Leung.

Wong Soong Leung with Barry Pang
Wooden dummy training with Wong Shun Leung



After two decades refining his art and running his school in Melbourne, he began his training in Lung Ying (Dragon Shape), learning from an esteemed senior student of Grandmaster Lam Yiu Gwai, Wu Hua Tai. Both styles trace back hundreds of years to the same founder, Ng Mui. Reuniting these complementary kung fu styles is the Barry Pang Kung Fu mission.


Barry continues to develop his martial arts and teach to this day, focussing strongly on practical application. He also manages and invests in diverse business interests.