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Since 1974
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Our kung fu combines two complementary styles that share common origins.

Wing Chun and Lung Ying (Dragon Shape) were designed by Ng Mui and exhibit similar charateristics as practical, close-range fighting arts. Our goal is to develop Ng Mui Kung Fu and train well-rounded practitioners so that we can preserve these arts and build a martial arts community that moves beyond style boundaries.

Grandmasters Lam Yiu Gwai and Ip Man
Grandmasters Lam Yiu Gwai and Ip Man (right)


Ng Mui developed her kung fu some 300 years ago in 18th century China, at a time when fighting skills were at a premium. As a Buddhist nun at the Southern Shaolin Temple, she developed both Wing Chun and Lung Ying (Dragon Shape) Kung Fu, amonst other styles. Developing Lung Ying was her lifetime pursuit. She created Wing Chun as a lean, efficient style that could be relatively quickly learnt.


Wing Chun was designed to allow relatively fast adoption, whereas the more complex Lung Ying tests the limits of coordination and power optimisation through it’s extensive set of forms. Both favour in-close techniques with the intent to control an opponent and finish the encounter quickly. Both have sophisticated partner training exercises to develop hand-sensitivity, coordination and power.

Lineage & philosophy

Our kung fu has been developing since our school opened in 1974. The two masters that Barry learnt from are as follows.

  • Our Wing Chun is based on the teachings of Wong Shun Leung, a key student of Grandmaster Yip Man. Training was in Hong Kong in the 1970s.
  • Our Lung Ying is from the teachings of Grandmaster Wu Hua Tai. who learnt his art from Grandmaster Lam Yiu Gwai. Training was in Melbourne in the 1990s, with Wu Sifu specifically looking to transfer skills to a compatible martial arts school.
Barry with Wu Hua Tai and Wong Shun Leung
Barry with Sigung Wu Hua Tai and Sifu Wong Shun Leung


Both masters shared common philosophies on their martial arts that we carry forward:

  • A student’s skill can be determined by the quality of their basic techniques
  • The hands should be soft and fast, coordinated with lower body strength and mobility
  • Effective kung fu is proven against a variety of opponents of different styles
  • Never stop learning.
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