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Lung Ying (Dragon Shape) Kung Fu optimises power from the ground, attacking with close-range forearm, fist and palm strikes.

Lung Ying is supplemental to our core style and is practiced concurrently. It teaches students the “next level” of power development and coordination. Of the six forms practiced in the style, only the first – Sup Luk Dun 十六动 – is taught before reaching black-sash level. This is because considerable time needs to spent on stance training and partner work before progressing to the advanced techniques.

Our Ling Ying is from the teachings of Grandmaster Wu Hua Tai, incorporated into our kung fu during his periods of residency with the club in the 1990s. Read more about this phase of our kung fu development in Our History Part 2.

Lung Ying history

According to legend Lung Ying (Dragon Shape) Kung Fu was designed by Ng Mui and was the central style that she spent her lifetime refining. It was passed down through the generations to the modern grandmaster, Lam Yiu Gwai (1874-1965) who in turn passed the art to several notable students in Guangzhou, including Wu Hua Tai (1914-2002).

Lam Yiu Gwai Lung Ying Dragon Shape
Grandmaster Lam Yiu Gwai performing Dragon Shape movements


Dragon Shape is a smooth, flowing style that develops power from the waist and legs, whilst pressing the opponent with soft hands that dissipate their attacks. Like Wing Chun, it uses footwork to rapidly close the gap on opponents, using in-close hand and forearm techniques to strike, control and overwhelm.

Park demonstration
Wu Sigung practicing Dragon Shape techniques with students, Guangzhou 1994


Developing skills in this ‘internal’ style takes long-term dedication. It’s power is felt rather than seen. When learning from his master, Lam Yiu Gwai is said to have been instructed to spend years simply developing his stance and basic footwork. The result was supreme mobility and the ability close the gap on – and dispatch – experienced fighters in milliseconds.

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