Rodney Zandbergs began learning Wing Chun in 1991, quickly complementing his early training with travel to China to meet some of Yip Man’s top students. Today, he contributes articles to martial arts magazines and trains in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne Australia.


  • Timeline: Member since 1991, Black Sash since 2023
  • Principle styles: Wing Chun, Lung Ying
  • Other experience: Taekwondo (fundamentals)
  • Certifications: MAA Accredited Instructor, Working With Children Check.


Rodney began training at Barry Pang Kung Fu in 1991, after beginning his martial arts journey learning the basics of Taekwondo. Across the next 10 years he progressed through all the coloured sashes before taking a break to change career, work overseas in Asia, and start a family. Once returning to Kung Fu practice he spent several years training with Barry and his most senior students to become an accredited instructor in 2023.

A highlight of his early training came In 1994, when he joined Sifu Barry Pang and Sigung Wu Hua Tai with two other students on one of the club’s China tours. During this trip he met two of Grandmaster Yip Man’s senior first generation Wing Chun students in Hong Kong: his son Yip Chun and one of his earliest students, Tsui Sheung Tin. Travelling through Macau to Guangzhou the group also met Sigung Wu’s local Lung Ying students, where they saw authentic kung fu practice up close, including demonstrations of Lung Ying forms and partner work. The trip had a lasting effect on Rodney’s perspective on martial arts practice.


Rodney’s approach to martial arts instruction is to ensure benefits are gained for both younger and older students. For younger students, his goal is that they build confidence through their physical training whilst also adopting the respect-based culture that martial arts are based upon. For older students he trains the health and wellbeing aspects, maintaining skills and also physical fitness as a lifelong pursuit.

Beyond kung fu

Beyond martial arts, Rodney is a professional IT worker, specialising in user experience design. He has used these skills, along with a talent for writing, to produce and maintain the website, along with all of its content. He has also collaborated closely with Barry and Anne Pang on various publications, including magazine articles for Wing Chun Illustrated and Australasian Martial Arts. His most notable articles include: 

Meeting Wing Chun masters
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