In real self-defence situations, free exchanges of blows are common. This is low-percentage fighting. In Wing Chun, the principle that practitioners strive for is to intercept the hands and gain the best position for attack.

Sifu Barry Pang explains that there are small margins of error between achieving a winning position and just hoping your strike lands first. Because whoever lands the first strike usually wins, a better way is required. In this explainer video he demonstrates the combination of hand and footwork that is required to increase the odds.

Whoever lands the first strike, wins

Barry Pang

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Tips for applying pressure and position

  1. Contact the hands. Unless you want to risk getting hit, contact the hands and apply centreline pressure. Your arm must remain relaxed whilst the body mechanics and stance training delivers the power. Training required: Chi Sao attack.
  2. Adjust position. Don’t rely only on nudging your opponent’s hands off the centreline. Use footwork, such as the reverse sidestep, to gain a stronger position from which your attack can flow. Training required: Chi Sao defence and footwork.
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