Scott Peterson brings mixed martial arts experience to his 30 years of Wing Chun practice and is an Australasian Kung Fu Champion.




Scott began practicing martial arts in his childhood, gaining exposure to five different styles ranging from Judo to Kick Boxing. Most notably he trained Goju Kai Karate for two years under Sensei Tom Curtis and four years Wushu alongside Chinese champion Liang Chang Xing (a team mate of Jet Li).

Kung fu experience

Scott joined Barry Pang Kung Fu in 1991, immediately impressing the club with his athleticism, flexibility and lightning-fast kicks. He fully embraced the club’s Wing Chun/Lung Ying system, adopting it as his lifelong endeavour. His achievements include Australasian Kung Fu Champion 1995 (Full contact open styles tournament) and Australian Chi Sao Champion 1996.

On tour

In 2013 Scott toured China with Barry and other team members to visit important kung fu sites, such as the Shaolin Temple and multiple White Crane Kung Fu schools.

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