Senior Instructor
Brief info

Anne is a former Australasian Kung Fu Champion and has devoted decades to teaching the art of Kung Fu and Women's Self Defence.


Anne first began training in 1974 in the art of Wing Chun, the only martial art invented by a female and one of the most efficient and effective styles of self defence.

Life as an instructor

As a fully qualified martial arts instructor, she developed and began conducting her Women’s Self Defence course in 1990, going on teach self defence at numerous educational institutions from primary level through to university, plus many government and corporate bodies.

In 1998 she received the Tribute Award for Women’s Self Defence Instructor, from Blitz Magazine.

Anne Pang Self Defence Course

The Anne Pang Women’s Self Defence Course was first introduced in 1990, focussing on practical and effective techniques, along with prevention strategies through early detection. It has been run at numerous schools and organisations over the decades since. It offers mental and physical learning offered will lead to more confidence, a sense of empowerment and respect for self and others. The course guides students through four levels of training:

  1. Self awareness – What to do in dangerous situations
  2. Physical techniques – Basics that do not rely on physical strength and become a reflex
  3. Application of basic techniques – Partner work, including dealing with grappling situations
  4. Automatic reaction – Applying a range of striking and kicking techniques
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