Developing a strong base in martial arts is the key to everything. It’s the primary source of power and mobility whilst freeing up the hands to be relaxed, sensitive and fast. 

Sifu Barry Pang explains that power through the hands is dependent on the strength and stability of the base. Fast hands without power through the hips, will not last long under real-world pressure. He discusses the combined Wing Chun and Lung Ying training methods to build up strength, then provides a dramatic demonstration with multiple opponents.

This is the key to everything

Barry Pang

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Training tips to develop strength

At Barry Pang Kung Fu we combine Lung Ying’s powerful footwork system, with properly developed Chi Sao from Wing Chun. The aim is to deliver full potential power through the hips. The stance provides mass, the hands provide acceleration and force is the output.

Training tips:

  • Put in the hours and pain to activate the body’s largest muscle groups.
  • Develop the arms to be relaxed and fast when under real-world pressure. Slowly build up Chi Sao pressure until the arms are able to remain relaxed whilst the base carries the load.
  • Wing Chun’s training stance must be tight, sinking your weight. Practice the Sil Lum Tao form correctly for extended periods.
  • Train Lung Ying’s Na Ma stepping to develop a tight grip on the ground, whilst coordinating your strikes.
  • Practice Ling Ying’s Sup Luk Dun 十六动 form, developing the ability to deliver power in multiple directions.
  • Resistance training through Ling Ying’s Chuk Sarm Dim partner exercises.

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